From our family to yours....

Our Sunday Worship Services have been postponed until further notice in response to the

COVID-19 outbreak.  We, like everyone across our country, want you to be safe and well.  So please take all necessary precautions and know that we will get through this together.  

In the meantime, our pastoral and music staff have prepared a number of video messages to help keep you connected to our church and new ones are posted on a regular basis.  Just scroll down this page, or look for them by clicking here.  And be sure to check out our "spiritual resources" link above. We believe all these things will provide you with a sense of comfort and calm in this time of uncertainty and worry. 

Also look for us on Facebook:  SummerlandPresbyterianChurchGroup and find us on Instagram.   

Wishing you God's peace and love,

Pastor Bart Tarman, Associate Pastor David Mosgofian Koeker, Parish Associate Chris Pritchett, Lay Pastor Peter Bie, Music Director Kathleen Sieck.  



                 A Message from Pastor

           Bart Tarman, March 29, 2020

Dear friends of Summerland Church:


I want to greet you from our various forms of isolation!  It is good to know that we are connected at an even deeper level than the physical!  As Paul said- though I am away from you in body I am present in the Spirit!


I feel that very deeply.


I am so happy that we have technology where we can still give and receive a teaching about the love of God!  You will find a video on this website where I share some thoughts about this moment in our lives and how we can experience God’s love in the midst of it.  

You will also be able to hear a “conversation” between Kathleen, David, and myself about that message.  I am also so grateful that we can share our thoughts with one another on the Facebook page (Summerland Presbyterian Church Group)! 


But I do miss seeing you all in person.


It is interesting that we human beings have an innate desire for physical touch.  We are physical beings and it is for that reason that when God decided to reveal God’s self tangibly--it was done by becoming one of us…. In the flesh!  Jesus.  It is a natural outflow of love to “incarnate”; to come in person… to come in the flesh!


Please let’s focus our prayers on what we are being told will be an upsurge in COVID-19 cases in the coming weeks.  Let’s pray for those infected, for their families, and for the caregivers.  Let’s also pray for those out of work and whose savings have been severely diminished. 


May we not “waste” this crisis, but learn from it.  Be transformed in the midst of it.  Become a little more like Jesus as our distractions are stripped away.


And as always, we appreciate it when you can continue your giving to this ministry. (See info below) But, I’d also like to encourage you to consider giving to The Unity Shoppe, which serves the working poor in our area.  

And there is one other thought along these lines--if you are able, remember those who serve you in some capacity: your hairdresser/barber, gardener, house cleaner, trainer, etc.  Many who provide these services are out of work right now.  Perhaps we can stand with them in this small way, by continuing to pay them even though they might not be able to work for us right now.  This is a way to put love into action.

You can donate to Summerland Church by means of our website or by simply sending your check to Summerland Church, PO Box 475, Summerland, CA 93067. 

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to the day when I can greet you in person!    






     Simply click here to go to a list of this year's audio-only sermons given by Pastor Bart Tarman, Associate Pastor David Mosgofian Koeker, and Pastor Chris Pritchett, along with our special guest speakers. Listen and/or download at your convenience.  

Our Motto

     "Love Spoken Here" is our motto and it is written on the wall of the church entrance. We see ourselves as an open, welcoming and inclusive presence in God's love for everyone. You are invited to join us at any time.

Where Are We?

     We're located at 2400 Lillie Avenue (corner of Valencia and Lillie) in Summerland, CA--just a few miles south of Santa Barbara and a few miles north of Carpinteria. Parking is available nearby.

Supporting The Ministry of Summerland Church...

     If you wish to support the ministry of SPC, you can do so in two ways: By sending a check or by clicking on the DONATE button at the top of this page and completing your donation info on line. Just follow the prompts. You can use a debit or credit card. 

     You can even set up automatic weekly or monthly contributions--we like to call it "set it and forget it". 

     However, should you wish to increase your amount of giving, be sure to go back into the donation section and reset your weekly or monthly contribution.

     Also, please note the expiration dates of your card and update accordingly.  

IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT SENDING A CHECK or other corresondence...

     If you are sending a check please be sure to use the following address: PO Box 475, Summerland, CA 93067.

     Do not send checks or correspondence to our street address as we do not have local mail delivery in the Summerland area and it can be delayed or returned.

     Contributions in any amount are always welcome and so greatly appreciated! 

     Thank you and may you stay safe and be well as we all do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19.

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