Our History

Summerland Church was organized on July 14, 1901, as Bethany Presbyterian Church by 12 members, representing several denominations, but of one mind in our common faith. The church building was originally located on Banner Avenue, dedicated on October 27, 1901. The building was moved to its present site on the corner of Lillie Avenue and Valencia Road in 1910 because Banner Avenue was unpaved, and rainy weather turned the adobe into mud which the members had trouble walking through. At that time, Lillie Avenue was the only paved street in town and also served as the main highway.

The Christmas Eve programs were the highlight of the year, host to a candle lit tree from which hung bags of candy and popcorn. On July 15, 1951 the church was rededicated...the new addition contained a school building, a fellowship hall, and the remodeled sanctuary.

In 1959, John Malcolm, a former parishioner, presented the Church with a beautiful, carved oak communion table, pulpit, baptismal font, and walnut offertory plates. It took Mr. Malcom approximately 8 years to complete these items and we are proud to continue to use them in our weekly service!

The church bell, which rings each Sunday morning, came by ship around Cape Horn on the southern tip of South America.

Today, the church is open to many community groups and throughout the year, the fellowship hall is used by different organizations for meetings and by local Summerland School students.